About Robo Innovations

By Joe Sery, Inventor of RoboSwing & RoboPutt®

Joe SeryAs an avid golfer, on Sunday afternoons I like to watch golf on TV. Without fail I noticed that players don’t putt the same way on the final few holes, as they do until then. Similarly, they don’t swing like they did just few moments before! I asked myself: Why is that? Imagine a concert pianist playing different keys every time he tried to hit a specific note or a typist hitting different keys every time she tries to type an ‘a’. Unthinkable, right? Then why can’t golfers who practice as much as a pianist or typist putt correctly, especially when it counts most? The answer hit me like a revelation — they have no muscle memory!!!

I started researching the subject and soon realized that you can only build muscle memory if you repeat the exact same motion every time, and repeat it many times. However, even if one practices for hours every day, one can never expect to repeat the identical motion exactly the same way every time. A golfer is not a robot.

“Wow!” I thought. What if a robot swings the club for you or putts for you and all you do is hold the club or the putter, and allow the robot to move you, not only your hands but your body too, and build muscle memory that way? A robot can do it exactly the same way every time. It can even start very slowly and gradually build speed, and thus enhance the learning experience. Being the engineering enthusiast that I am, I accepted this challenge, and Robo Innovations was born.

I got to work and assembled an elite team of four geniuses to help me. Two years and 18 different prototypes later, we proudly introduced to the world, RoboPutt — the first robot that can teach you how to putt better and build your muscle memory at the same time, but we didn’t stop there. Next came the most challenging product — RoboSwing. That took a lot of imagination and technical challenges. We wanted to teach a golfer not just the hand motion, but the complete body motion too, including the hip turn and weight shift.

Next, we had to figure out how to make it affordable and accessible to millions of golfers worldwide. The answer is an amazing product that we will be presenting for the first time at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida in January 2016. We will not only be presenting the first complete swing robot (yes — the first — because all others don’t control all the motions of the swing!!!), but a unique business opportunity for those who are not certified PGA instructors, and yet still want to get into the golf business in the most affordable, fun and safe way possible.