How RoboPutt Works

RoboPutt will move your own — or the robot’s — putter, perfectly repeating the motion time after time. Simply hold the putter and feel how it moves you! — Now THAT is revolutionary!!! All other training devices make you move the putter, but now RoboPutt does it for you. This is the best way to feel the perfect putting stroke, and by repeating it, develop muscle memory, gain confidence, and love putting.

RoboPutt incorporates a number of training methods:

Muscle Memory Training

Since RoboPutt will move the putter for you, you’ll build muscle memory like never before! You will start with a very slow motion. This motion has been proven to build muscle memory more effectively. Recent biomedical studies have proven that starting slow and gradually increasing the tempo is the best way to build, retain, and use muscle memory.

Auditory Training

There’s a wealth of putting knowledge to be gained by listening to the audio that the RoboPutt lessons have to offer. You’ll also get tips and advice for mental strength and confidence building. In addition, using a unique swoosh sound, you will be able to replicate your motion tempo more easily.

Visual Training

Focus on a disc-shaped ball image at the ball’s original position, even on the follow-through.

Posture and Stance Training

Since the putter is moving with or without you, and while you are holding the grip lightly, you can experiment with an unlimited number of posture and stance options to find the one that suits you best. You will be amazed at what you discover!