How RoboSwing Works

RoboSwing is a robotic device that helps a golfer of any level to improve their swing motion. The golf swing is a very complex series of motions on a number of planes and in a difficult-to-replicate sequence.

By training on this robot, the trainee will swing the club and perform the body motion to suit his/her individual ability. This unique robot is the only swing robot in the market that controls all the motions of the golf club as well as the golfer’s hips.

It is exactly that which makes RoboSwing so effective. There are a number of golf training devices on the market that can show a golfer how to swing the club, but none combine the action of the club with the body. It is the sequence of these motions that is so critical in the swing and that is exactly what RoboSwing can do for any golfer.

In just a few minutes, the robot can be set to suit any golfer, and these settings are then stored in the robot’s computer. Lessons can be tailored to suit any needs in terms of time, stroke style, swing speed, swing type, etc. RoboSwing can teach all types of shots, including: right and left hand swings, full swings, half swings, punch shots and wedge shots of all kinds. It will teach how to hit a draw or a fade and even a hook or a slice. There is nothing this device cannot do. Most importantly, it feels good and it’s a lot of fun!

It is designed to be operated by a trained operator who need not be a PGA professional. This makes it an ideal investment opportunity for any keen golfer that wants to get into the golf industry.

We offer a 5-year 0% APR financing program. Yes, the robot pays for itself in 5 years! Contact us today for more information.