RoboSwing Promo Video

The promotional video for our latest product will show you how RoboSwing can help improve your golf swing in a number of ways, including hip rotation — a first for any robot-aided golf training device on the market. It will also teach you the muscle memory of your ideal swing to help you play more consistently.

RoboPutt Promo Video

The promotional video for the amazing new putting training device that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before — a robot that teaches you the muscle memory for the perfect, customized putting, pitching, and chipping stroke, using your own putter or the robot’s wedge.

PGA Merchandise Show — RoboPutt

RoboPutt Inventor Joe Sery was interviewed at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show as part of the PGA’s Social Hub.

"Fairways of Life" Interview

Matt Adams from SiriusXM radio’s "Fairways of Life" interviews Joe Sery about RoboPutt. (File will buffer before playing to ensure smooth playback.)